To achieve our goals we have a trailer-mounted hand made drilling borehole rig, rotatory mud, the classical and reliable system. The components are from the USA and it was assembled here, in Uganda.
It has two engines, A Kawasaki Fh721 27 HP for the hydraulic system and a Diesel Lombardini 3LD510 for a Mission Magnum One mud pump.
There are 24 drilling rod pipe units of 3 meters so we can drill up to 72 meters (240 feet)
We have many bits to drill in different diameters up to 7 inches for casing in 4 or 5 inches. We use Pvc pipe and a specific screen case.

It is available a Geophysical survey machine to analyze the strata looking for the best location.

We also have another trailer for water and many other tools and machinery like a borehole TV inspection System.

We have a big air compressor to ease the work.

Ask us for any other technical question.